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Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Special words I just read..

"Let today
be the day
you give up
who you are

you can become"

Hal Elrod

Friday, May 18, 2018

A Lost Art

Do not believe many iron anymore.
Memories of my mother ironing, she loved to iron and can remember Spring and Fall cleaning and curtains were washed, starched and ironed,  my grandmother would move a small table and pull the ironing board secured in a cabinet out of the wall. and iron.    She would starch and iron my Sunday dresses to
perfection and remember I could hardly sit on the pew in them :)

I starched and ironed my daughter's dresses and loved ironing my son and husbands shirts
Ironed pillow slips feel wonderfully smooth and like this.

There was help when my 4th child was born, but 5 in this home.  I was working and remember
Willie Mae so well, guess the only one who ironed to my satisfaction.

I now  wear blouses over tank tops, old blouses of soft cotton (cannot find them anymore in stores or
Amazon)  a basket full and sometimes just put in dryer for a minute to remove wrinkles.

Have wanted to iron again, iron and board up in storage room and do not feel real secure going up and down the stairs to balcony and into that room.    Recently had my assistant bring board and iron
downstairs into small utility room.   Kind of crowded in there but I can look out the window.

My plan was to iron one item every day, but this morning ironed 4 blouses and 2 pillow cases,
I find this relaxing....
Occasionally have seen my daughter's iron
and wonder if granddaughter's do this ?

On this sunny day this, miss a clothes line

Monday, May 14, 2018

Witnessing a Killing

Every evening when my helper arrives
she checks the baby Bluebirds, watches them being fed ,  takes images and has looked up a lot of information on these birds
and shares with me.

Oh how I hate to tell her this evening what happened.

I repeatedly chase the squirrels away as they sit on top of the Blue Bird house.
This is easy as I can just stand on the deck and clap my hands and they leave.

Now so sad as I recall yesterday evening.

All of family has left
I glance out of the window as I clean kitchen
and see a long thick item hanging out of the bird house.
Without thinking  grab my long walking stick
head out the door, onto screen porch and down the stairs into the flower bed.

I want to cry, a snake hanging out of the opening and birds, the parents and several kinds are in a frenzy
flying around.   I step off of the black top drive into the flower bed put the walking stick against
the snake trying to knock him off of blue bird house, he or she just crawls in the house.

I am helpless with my balance issue of going further into the garden and lifting latch on little house.
Tears flowing down my cheeks
as I imagine baby birds, fed by the parents and watched daily by me and Mashell
are being eaten.

I realize that it is difficult for me to return to house by  stepping  up on blacktop and continue up the steps and inside
realize I did not bring phone with me and for a moment frightened and fear falling
steadying myself I am able to step up on the blacktop and continue inside.

So thankful
and a reminder to start wearing an alert I have used and stopped when my son arrived
6 weeks ago.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

No Words To Share

No words to share as I viewed
my granddaughter
and my 5 month great grandson

I just  sit at my computer and smile
and think

How can you explain the love of a Mother

Mother's Day

This mother does it her way
it is my way of showing love

Texas Baked Beans
fill the air with such a tempting scent.
Blue Lake Green Beans are simmering (from a friends garden canned last summer
Deviled Eggs, a family favorite, a dozen fill a plate
2 Chickens purchased that were cooking on a grill.
but miss making my Oriental Slaw

Girls bringing more

and my youngest granddaughter;s favorite
Lemon Ice Box pie
just topped
and now in Fridge along with a Chess Pie

Each entering this door
are loved so deeply.

When my son arrived 6 weeks ago my desk was piled high with paper work
and look at my desk at this time.
a lot has been done during his visit
now everyone back to their normal routines

Safe travel wishes
my son.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Come Visit Me On This Day

sunny day
everything is lush and green.

Everything is changing
every day
gardens surrounding
this cottage

I am changing also
and need to accept.

and a friend made a visit
bless you Polly, so happy you are at your home "on land."
Thank you for the flowers,,,,

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Beauty and the baby bluebirds in danger....

really warm weather may be why arthritis not just visiting but along with the
shingles I am not in a perfect place except in the garden viewing flowere blooming.

I watch continually as the bluebirds go in and out of their house and now think the babies
may be ready to be on their own.
Horrors today
as I look out and see
a huge squirrel on top of their house
made a loud noise and he left
and now cannot get the baby birds off of my mind....