Thursday, April 27, 2017

Problem Solved

Yes computer problem solved late yesterday
so pleased.
I am trying to use other ways to go on line, but so accustomed to AOL it is now difficult for me to change
Use Google some and on this site cannot pull up my favorites list of most I use.

Let me know what some of you use ?

It causes such stress when I cannot use computer in my normal way and have thoughts
at this age should I just stop but I cannot since this is a big part of my life.

Connection with children, grandchildren as most live far away, information I am constantly
researching, buy much from Amazon and on and on.  I still enjoy writing but now at this
age and health issues have started it is a challenge for me to know what to share
and not to share as do not want to be boring.   But now have the thought if no one reads
I just plain love to write as it is a habit....

So computer, reading and camera are so important to me.  In the past gardening would be on
this list and now I direct a young man.   Yesterday he was here for 3 hours pulling weeds,
moving plants and so pleased having him but so sad that he is now doing what I did for 60 years.

Jimmy leaves at noon, daughter Laurie and husband here a while this afternoon and then
Callie and this one.  Many coming and going down the gravel road and happy for this,
sad my son is leaving but so happy that he has a life he loves.

Have never been around anyone so patient with me, helpful with out me asking, taking me
to grocery, doctors, out to eat, suggestions on so much I do and much reorganized and taken to Good Will.
As a mother I am very proud of him and I have learned much from him over these last weeks. He is disciplined in his yoga and walking practice twice a day
and in his teaching of Yoga and helping others with health issues.

He leaves me with the thought
of striving to be more like him..

I can say no more

and from a mother's heart
safe travel wishes go forth for him.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Computer Problems

Placed several calls for help
and it has not arrived,

Lost my list of favorites and cannot lob in AOL the way I am accustomed too :(

Jimmy cannot help either.

An old memory image

My children, young grandchildren that are now grown, their dad holding 3 young ones.
All of this before two youngest.

A beautiful sunny day but rain returning tomorrow for a number of days

So just checking in....   Seems I can write on Blogger :)

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Sunday and rains continue.
Grass is a beautiful vibrant green
flowers beginning to bloom
and pictures taken through screen on porch
show this.
Daughter, Laurie arriving from Tampa, Jimmy preparing for last days and time for this one and son
to return to their lives.  A special 6 weeks is coming to an end.....

Friday, April 21, 2017

Week of Activity

Last week end my Jamie and grand girls arrived.  A new way of cooking veggies for me, sliced many on cookie sheet that has been sprayed and sliced a lot of vegetables that had been brushed
with olive oil, garlic and some of my recently planted herbs.  A lot of good things to add to olive
oil but have not had time to research
several of sheets filled with Brussels sprouts, egg plant, zucchini, carrots, yellow squash and red, yellow and green peppers.

Girls were taken to friends home who raises goats, so many new babies.  Can remember a time
40 years ago when I wanted to do this.
Busy days continue and soon will end.  Many memories being made.  Rain continues, ground so wet
and flowers are thriving among the weeds (which bothers me) but if true as other years it will not be long until hot weather arrives....

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Words of Wisdom

Kept thinking of these words all through the night and smiled

My youngest granddaughter in the shower or tub on loft
a long time
and I called up stairs and said
"Amelia, what are you doing, are you alright ?)

Reply as she opened the door wrapped in a towel

you can't rush relaxation"

oh my a lesson I need to learn.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I Listen To His Words on Food

Daily I listen to his words as he observes what I do and eat.
Now agreeing with a lot that I listened too but did not totaly agree with over the last few weeks.
Making some changes.  So thankful for this 6 week visit and him to view instead of just listening
to me like I share on weekly emails.  Time soon ends:(

First sugar reminded of sugar :) since I have lost some weight even though eating healthy but 2 small meals
consume a lot of Ensure which is fine but not fine to add ice cream or add a better quality ice cream.
My reason for drinking the Ensure with Ice Cream is trying to add calories so I do not lose
any more weight.  I do not have a hearty appetite

Yes calories but adding a lot of sugar, also yogurt stopping purchasing flavored yogurt which is loaded with sugar and using the best high quality yogurt I can find.   I hear "sugar is a worse addiction then heroine"   Oh my and know it is not good for all of the inflammation in this body

Thought I already knew a lot but doing more research on healthy fat foods. I know what they are but when you wake up at
1 or 2 in the morning, hungry since last meal at 2:30 pm it is so easy and satisfying to open an Ensure and put ice cream in it.   So will now have quality yogurt with a few cashews, whole dates (that have been softened in warm water to make easier to chew) and 1/2 of banana.   This is healthier.

Yesterday's Lebanese meal gave me more ideas.   Tomorrow buying egg plant, zucchini, yellow squash, colored peppers and more veggies to roast in oven with olive oil and more ingredients.
Will add a good healthy cheese, black rice, lentil beans, hummus and pita bread.  A few more items and of course
turkey hot dogs and marshmallow's, used on burning pit  for granddaughter's.
Will buy some healthy cheese and some good dark chocolate.  I eat healthy but it needs to go to the
next level.
 Next morning
will make French toast, covered with blueberries and add some maple syrup for granddaughters.

breakfast this morning
scrambled egg with colored peppers and kale (frozen in freezer), yogurt with cashews and dates and a small side
of last of my Zucchini bread, green tea and small glass of whole milk.
Would say this was healthy....Callie enjoyed what I could not eat :)

Also, no more chances walking without cane in this cottage...

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Special Lunch

Enjoying these Wednesday
outings to the big city.

Will soon miss
as all of this
so rare....

Today, lunch at a new place "Epice"
food excellent
gave me some healthy new ideas,
served black rice, the best hummus with pita
vegetables grilled (I need to do this)
a Lebanese restaurant
sat outside.

Visitors in the country at the close of the day.

Young granddaughter's soon spending the night,  Uncle  Jimmy will pick up Pizza Saturday,  and RN daughter Beth
taking me to breakfast on Sunday morning.