Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Way It Is

A cool
but I like it morning
of 42 degrees.

Busy week, trying to learn about new camera with 25 zoom,
television just stopped, rarely watch , do like local morning news.  Purchased a new one and help installed
Left door to screen porch open for a minute earlier in the week
and a bird in the house for several days, finally caught in a net and know it was thankful and
also this one.

Then and Now
my youngest granddaughter
who is a carbon copy of my youngest daughter
Jamie is now cheer leading.

and her sister playing soccer.   At end of season this year she suffered a concussion :(
now fine and the younger one who broke her arm is now fine :)

you are going by
so quickly....

My bed is very high
and now at night somewhat
difficult to get out of,
ordered a metal frame from Amazon
a lot of good comments,
it lowers mattress and box springs
and it was installed yesterday.
Will have to get use to it as bed now 6 to 8 inches lower
and I feel like practically on floor :)
If I do not adjust to this
will just go back to the higher bed...

Monday, October 17, 2016

On This Day

The key to happiness
is letting each situation
be what it is

instead of what you think it should be..

Mandy Hale

This image
taken last year
and soon
once again
will be a reality
as I look out my window.....

Safe travel wishes to those in family
leaving for Spain and Houston.

Special thoughts to son in Thailand
who recently lost a best friend.
Special friend's suffering now over....

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Family Time

Family time is rare and visit on Sunday was so enjoyable,

Callie watches from a safe distance as one young granddaughter practises her driving skills on this

Weather continues to be beautiful..

A quote on my son's birthday card

"All I can be is who I am right now,  I can experience that and work with it.
That's all I can do.  The rest is the dream of the ego"    C.J. Beck

"A simple life can bring a lot of happiness" Thich Nhat Hanh
and I will add
this is all I want....

Handwritten notes from my 2 youngest granddaughter's make me smile
and especially when the youngest shares my talents, loves me to the moon and back
and says at the end "you are extremely lovely."
Now how can you top this as I travel my 80.s

A lot of organizing being done, desk is piled high with papers and trying to organize closet.

Something keeps telling me
it is going to be a bad Winter.
so enjoying these wonderful days....

Friday, October 7, 2016

So Nice

So nice to have my Laurie (my first born) visit for a few days
and Callie followed her everywhere :)
She walks 3 times a day in this rural country setting...

A quick return to Florida
because of storms.

A wonderful time while she was here
just wish it had been longer.
She took me everywhere on my wish list.
A trip to Nashville, eating out, dentist, doctor appointments,
two places we did not make...

Visit to orthopaedic doctor for cortisone shot in both shoulders
This procedure was started 2 years ago with a very low dose every 6 months, now
higher dose and recommended every 3 months for the severe pain
in shoulders and neck.

Within 2 hours and now 2 days later
no pain in that area.
Will see how long it gives this relief.
A must at this time, tried a new pain relief pill, could not take, cannot feel medicated.

Camera has stopped working
just ordered anther one on Amazon.
Simple Kodak, many excellent review
and good price.

Hope I like it,
A must
my computer and camera :)

Sunday, October 9th
another birthday
and expecting rest of family.
Wish Laurie and her family
and my Jimmy
were here.

Cooler weather expected
and maybe we can burn a fire in the outside pit....

Soybean field in front cut
grass boy just cut around the edges
looks so good
wish it would stay this way.

Soon Winter Wheat
and front will look like beautiful lawn...

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Checking In

So happy
as it seems
Fall has finally arrived.

This week received results from MRI
seems complete tear of the rotator cuff
with retraction of ligaments.
So this explains why so much pain in shoulders and neck.
Could be it just wore out.  This one never learned to not do things
that really were too difficult for her.
This and bad fall 4 weeks ago might have finished the rotator cuff....

It is what it is and no option for surgery at this stage of life.
Told really painful and long recovery.
Home therapy helps tremendously
and will just do all I can do and know to do and go onward with life....

Weary of sharing this and will stop :)

Family arriving tomorrow for visit and special oldest daughter with me
for most of the week.   Everyday plans and looking forward to the outings.
A 4 layer Carrot Cake and Pumpkin Roll is waiting for them if they want to sample.
Seems baking may be over with such a useless right arm at this time.
Always believed in miracles and maybe I can still eventually bake.

I did not need computer problems, but it happened.
Computer down and all most lost it with Verizon.
First two technical assistants just left me, not knowing what to do.
then finally late yesterday and I had vowed to wait a few more days but the problem solved by a young woman who
had me back on line in 45 minutes.

Made this one realize how important the computer has become to me.

So Welcome Fall.....

Chicken soup in the crockpot will taste so good - soon.

Monday, September 26, 2016

On This Day

On this day


"If your mind is scattered
 it is quite powerless"

Dalai Lama

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Oh yes
the mornings are wonderful
this one up before dawn, windows, screen doors open
and for the first time since Spring
I sat on the screen porch with candle burning...

Fall is in the air.

Why is it when you have an MRI
it takes so long for doctor to call to give you the results.

A lesson in patience for this one.